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"Brent is so fast to respond to e-mails and Sarah was awesome about keeping me in the loop and answering my questions!" - David and Sarah Thomas

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We created this series of educational videos to prepare you for the mortgage application process and guide you through it.

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The Mortgage Specialists Difference

Here at Mortgage Specialists, we do things differently than other mortgage lenders in Omaha. One of the biggest differentiators we offer our clients and their real estate agents is a streamlined pre-approval process.  Similar to other mortgage lenders in Omaha, our clients fill out an online application that should take...
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Is Buying A House A Good Investment?

One common question we get is this: Is buying a house a good investment? It’s a complicated question to answer without knowing any specifics about the person asking and their financial situation, but in most cases, yes it is a good investment. If you have good credit, are financially stable,...
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Sellers Don’t Like FHA Loans

If you’re a first-time homebuyer, you may have heard that sellers don’t like FHA loans. You were probably left wondering why the seller would care about the type of mortgage you’re obtaining, as long as they get their money. Well, the truth is that sometimes sellers do care and we’re...
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Divorce Financial Neutral

A financial neutral is someone who is an impartial expert in their field. In a collaborative divorce process, there is at least one divorce financial neutral. For many cases, the primary asset in a divorce is real estate, whether it be the marital home or various investment properties. In these...
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