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The First Steps To Buying A Home

Many of our clients are right on the cusp of deciding to buy a home when they come to us. They’re interested in homeownership, but aren’t quite sure if they’re ready to take the plunge yet. And that’s okay. In fact, we love it when buyers come to us six...
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Quick Financial Fact: Pre-Qualification

The term “pre-qualified” can be tricky. A pre-qualification for a loan does not mean that your financing is secure, although 37% of prospective home buyers believe it does. When you’re pre-qualified, it just means that your lender has worked out approximately how much you can afford to borrow. At this...
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Shout Out to Habitat for Humanity!

To live in Omaha is to love Omaha...at least that’s what I believe. Communities like the one we are privileged to live in don’t just regenerate on their own. Habitat for Humanity is certainly doing their part! As part of Habitat for Humanity’s 11th annual Home Builder’s Blitz, nine homes...
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1:1 Ratio of Job to Job Seeker

Low unemployment is fantastic! It means that folks who want and need jobs have them. But there is a tipping point -a point at which there isn’t enough labor for all the jobs becoming available -and we’re just about there. Right now Omaha has a 2.9% unemployment rate, which is...
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