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Your Escrow Account and Divorce

Divorcing your mortgage can be a tricky process. One of the most common questions we’ve received recently is about the escrow account and divorce - what happens to the money in the escrow account? Before we breach that issue, let’s review a few things about divorcing your mortgage. To be...
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Let’s Talk About this Eminent Domain Thing…

You may have heard this term brought up lately in the local news. The owner of a building in downtown Omaha, located on 18th and Howard is being forced to sell his building to the city. The County Board made the decision to use Eminent Domain to force the sale...
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I Got a New Certification!

I just completed another designation of CDLP, Certified Divorce Lending Professional. This certification is designed to prepare me to become an integral member of my clients’ professional divorce team. I now have the formal education and my continued experience to identify appropriate mortgage financing and real estate strategies for divorcing...
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Quick Financial Fact: ROI of Home Projects

The ROI (return on investment) will be different for every upgrade or renovation you choose for your home. Not surprisingly, major renovations will almost always yield a much lower ROI than smaller, less costly renovations. Minor bathroom and kitchen remodels have historically brought in the highest ROI, along with landscaping...
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